Eliot Sykes

Hey there, I’m Eliot Sykes, open source contributor, developer mentor, screencaster, and author of App Store Rails, a how-to guide on building Ruby on Rails apps for distribution through the major app stores.

I work one-to-one with beginner and intermediate Rails developers to ensure they learn modern full stack web development techniques in a safe, welcoming environment tailored to their goals.

The people I coach are from all corners of the globe and come from a wide range of backgrounds. Their shared goal is to reduce the time it takes them to grow and master their skills and expertise. I’ve accelerated the training of self-taught developers and bootcamp graduates worldwide.

If you work with me, you’ll build and run your own Rails application over at least 6 weeks. Your app is the focal point we’ll use to hone your skills.

You’ll add new features, fix bugs, and write tests for your app. You’ll grow as a developer as your app grows too.

You’ll become a more effective, confident, and experienced developer through regular pair programming sessions with me and by acting on the constructive code reviews I give you of the work you do independently.

If you’ve not used Rails before, but would like to learn, I can mentor you through Bloc’s 36-week Full Stack course. If you already know Rails, I provide independent coaching for beginner and mid-level developers. If you think you might benefit from a guiding hand, write to me at e@eliotsykes.com, tell me your goals, and ask any questions you have.

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