Eliot Sykes

Hey there, I’m Eliot Sykes, developer, open source contributor, mentor, coach, screencaster, and writer. I’m currently writing App Store Rails, a how-to guide on building Ruby on Rails apps for distribution through the major app stores.

Grow Your Rails Expertise

Entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, beginners, self-taught developers, and coding school students worldwide have all benefitted from my mentoring and 16 years of experience working professionally as a web developer.

If you already know Rails a little, or a lot, and you’d like to build your expertise faster, ask me about online Rails coaching & pair programming sessions tailored to your goals.

If you’re new to web development or Rails, I can mentor you online through Bloc, where I teach and help keep the curriculum up-to-date.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re considering working with me. Feel free to write to e@eliotsykes.com and ask me anything.

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